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I must commend your perfect craftsmanship, my new song surely sounds as I would like it. I would gladly recommend JTunesworldwide any time.

Gloria Ernest


How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment you can call us on 08132947172. OR.. click on the Book Now button, fill out our inquiry form and we will definitely call you back.

How much do movies/music videos cost?

The cost of production for movies and music videos vary. It is based on the length of the video in terms of minutes, the concept and the theme of the video. However our prices are fair and negotiable.

What can I expect from my photography sessions?

Lights for the glow, camera for the flow and your action is all we desire to make a stunning  photo out of a hundred errors.

What is the cost for events coverage?

Our charges for events coverage will depend on the circumstances surrounding the coverage of the event which includes the capacity of the event, distance of the event and the event’s profile.

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